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ManCan Featured in Thrillist!

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Sometimes you want the convenience of a growler. Sometimes you need the volume of a pony keg. Now there's a way to get you a ManCan that can do both.

What can't a ManCan do? OK, actually, it only really does one thing -- dispense fresh, cold, and perfectly carbonated draft beer any time, any place. It's like a cross between a Crowler (that's a 32oz aluminum can -- think a growler with a pop-top) and a CamelBak, and it's primed to be this summer's ultimate beer-geek fashion accessory.

It's a pretty simple idea: made from insulated stainless steel and available in two sizes -- 64oz for modest drinkers or 128oz for the extra thirsty -- the ManCan's strength lies in its versatility. Pop it in the fridge and your regular old Kenmore suddenly transforms into a kick-ass kegerator. Strap it to your back and your own body suddenly transforms into a kegerator, but probably won't be as warm. It's also ideal for picnics, camping, cookouts, and anywhere else where drinking draft beer might significantly up the fun factor (meaning everywhere).

In a world where we carry our computers in our pockets, the ManCan is kind of a no-brainer -- so much so that they maaaaybe ran out of brainpower when naming it (ManCan... and the Machismo Kit? Flex? Seriously?). 

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  • Man I bought the 64oz. Hey that was cool. But then I saw 170oz. I had to have it to. Man there great for what ever for your occasion.

    Gil on

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