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Why Buy From Brew My Beers?

Brew My Beers is:

  • An unbiased retailer. We are not a manufacturer. We curate the best brands and assist our community of brewers in selecting the best option for their brewing needs.
  • A small business that is focused on home brewing. We do not sell products unrelated to brewing or consuming your creations.
  • A company that is focused on YOU our customer. Contact us via phone, chat, email, Facebook, Twitter, and we will find the answers you are seeking.
  • A company that constantly speaks to its suppliers to bring you new quality products at competitive prices and works with those suppliers to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

Brew My Beers is NOT:

  • Focused on buying organic grocery stores. We are focused on you and home brewing. We will let someone else sell you bananas.
  • One vendor pushing one product line. We want our customers to have selection, like building your own six pack.
  • We are not a company that is looking to have a single transaction relationship. We are looking to build and support a community of large and small brewers across the country. If you are looking for a product or ingredient reach out to us and let us try to source it for you.